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Erin Thoes
Coordinator - Faculty-Led Programs, International Travel, and Communication, CIE

Marie Burks
Financial Manager, CIE

Jeff Hamilton
Vice Provost for Global Engagement, CIE

Center for International Education
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97012
Baylor University
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Applications for Student Only travel are due no less than 90 days before the proposed date of departure.

The following are categories of international travel that individual students may travel without faculty members. Students must complete the same registration process as traveling with faculty members, and must have Baylor faculty sponsorship to register. In many cases, course credit signifies Baylor sponsorship. Students must first seek sponsorship and departmental approval before completing these registration requirements. If there is a question of sponsorship or the "official" nature of an international program that a student wishes to take independently, please contact the Center for International Education.

In order to show Baylor faculty or staff sponsorship, please fill out and collect the signatures on this form:

International Travel Signature Document - Student Only

Please also register your travel in our online application system by using the first link below.

CIE Travel Registration:

ISOS Emergency Information:

Baylor Travel Policies: