International Travel - Faculty or Staff Only

Contact Info

Erin Thoes
Coordinator- Faculty Led Programs, International Travel, and Communications,

Marie Burks
Financial Manager, CIE

Jeff Hamilton
Vice Provost for Global Engagement, CIE

Center for International Education
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97012
Baylor University
Waco, TX

Please submit the Faculty/Staff Only Travel Form for approval by Baylor University:

  • Click on the link below, confirm that you are a Baylor user, and log-in using your Baylor user name and password.

  • Input your academic term of travel, destinations, and dates of travel. Click "Add to Itinerary" and then "Apply".

  • Select the "Faculty/Staff Only Travel Form" (in blue) from the Application Questionnaires box to complete it, and make sure to click "Submit" when you're finished.

  • CLICK HERE to access Faculty/Staff Only Travel Form Instructions for assistance.

to access the online Faculty/Staff Only Travel Questionnaire.

Please submit the Adult Medical Information and Release Form for the current academic year:

  • Click on the link below

  • Complete all fields as accurately as possible.

  • Print form and sign in ink.

  • Deliver to Lynae Jordan in the Center for International Education or scan it and email it to

for the Adult Medical Information and Release Form.

Please, fill out the Technology Export License Exemption Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you will travel outside of the United States or Canada, please do the following in order to comply with U.S. government regulations:

  • If (and only if) you are planning to hand-carry Baylor University owned technology or software to a foreign country as a tool of the trade to conduct BU business only, you MUST complete the form below .

  • If you are taking ONLY personal items of technology or software on your international trip, no items need to be declared, and the entire form does not have to be completed. Please sign the upper left hand side of the attached form that indicates that this document is not applicable to you and return it to CIE with all other release forms.

  • If you do have technology to declare, please complete a Temporary Export License Exemption form. Be sure to attach a detailed list of the technology you will be taking with you (i.e. laptop, phone, iPad, iPod, voice recorder, etc.)

  • Scan or deliver the forms to CIE. (Law requires that these records be kept for 5 years. CIE and Risk Management will provide that service for you if you send a copy of your forms.)

  • Take the original forms with you while traveling.

for the Technology Export License Exemption Form.

Purchase Health Insurance for all Baylor travelers:

AHP Insurance can be purchased by selecting "Enrollment" at the top of the page and then "Enroll Online":

  • Enter your faculty ID in place of student ID. If purchasing insurance for spouses, enter their SSN or DL#.
  • After enrolling, print out the ID card that is processed. Give the company 7-10 days to process your request and then log back into the system to print this card. This will be your only card, but is active and is legitimate proof of coverage. This pdf card has emergency numbers that you may call if there is an issue.