Our Mission

LAUNCH's Mission: enabling accelerated commercialization of things that matter. We join with innovators and entrepreneurs who have a compelling vision to impact the world for good.

LAUNCH offers start-ups and established companies access to the knowledge, networks and financial resources necessary to achieve sustainable market growth, including:

  • Rapid commercialization methodology
  • A professional mall of experts, in topics like intellectual property, finance and marketing
  • Introductions, networking events and mentoring opportunities
  • Executive Execution coaching
  • Global market development through Baylor's International Entrepreneurship programs
  • Help with securing funding through venture capital and private equity, angel networks, federal and private grants, bank loans and other sources

LAUNCH is located in the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC), and is the in-house bridge between research, product development and the marketplace - or commercialization.

LAUNCH also serves as a bridge to our community and catalyst for cultivating innovation locally.

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Our Strategy

Pursuing the Mission, LAUNCH has four strategic areas of engagement:

  1. BOOST Design and Drive Commercialization: BOOST programs deliver real-time value by bringing client business objectives into a live coaching environment. Best practices and thought-leader insights are applied to the client's initiatives, producing immediate impact and retained learning.

    • Alignment of efforts with proven customer needs
    • Articulation of a compelling story in stakeholders' language
    • Activation of teams with competencies required to make it happen
    • Adjustment and continuous refreshing to stay competitive
  2. ENGAGE Forge Innovation Connections Quickly: ENGAGE programs connect innovators and the resources they need, when they need them. Networking opportunities, via connecting events and strategic venues, provide opportunities to form vital collaborations easily within the LAUNCH innovation community.
  3. ENTRY Simplify Global Access: ENTRY programs build bridges from the region to the world's markets. LAUNCH's execution coaching platform in these regions provides networks and expertise needed to navigate the transition from regional to international player. Baylor's links to China and SE Asia, for example, are valuable to firms who want to explore exporting to these markets and need expert advice, as well as trusted partners to build this economy by serving a global range of customers.
  4. ORBIT Accelerate Incubation to Independence: ORBIT programs develop and deliver best-in-class support and coaching to ventures which reside at the LAUNCH Incubator. We partner with the full scope of BRIC collaborators to assist firms in their path from bench research to prospering new business with workforce and leadership teams in place for excellence in execution.