Why choose BIC?

We asked our students what they love about BIC and why new students should apply. Over and over they praised the close-knit community, the amazing BIC professors, and the stimulating classes. Watch this video to hear it straight from our students.

Do you enjoy class discussion?

Are you tired of reading what other people think and not having the opportunity to discuss what you think?

Do you want to actually read the great thinkers, rather than just read about about them?

Do you want to major in biology, but do not want to give up reading about cultures and ideas?

Are you looking to make the most of your entire undergraduate education?

Do you want to fully understand things, not just memorize them?

Are you tired of memorizing information for tests? Do you want to really learn?

Do you want to learn in a smaller, more closely knit community of students?

Are you ready to apply?