Meet the BIC

Students are the beneficiaries of the BIC and the reason the program exists. BIC students are involved in organizations, pre-med programs, as well as BIC student groups. To learn more about our students and their thoughts on the BIC, click on the Student Profiles link to the right.

The committed faculty of the BIC come together to offer students a diverse and challenging curriculum. They work together in team-taught courses to involve students' in their own education. For more information on the faculty academic fields and research interests, choose the Faculty Profiles link to the right.

The administrators of the BIC work behind the scenes to insure the BIC runs smoothly. From courses, to advisement, to rooms, to special events, these administrators work in the university systems to provide students' with the best program possible. Click on the Administration Profiles link to meet those in the BIC office.

BIC Faculty 2013