Policy Exceptions

The following equipment purchases require approval from the Dean for the type of equipment purchased. Contact an ASTC Academic Consultant for assistance with equipment exceptions:

(1) The addition of a computer or printer - when an older computer or printer will not be turned in to ITS.

This exception applies to additional computers or printers for research, computers attached to instruments, and computers or printers purchased with grant funding.
(2) The purchase of a notebook computer - as an additional computer or as a replacement for a desktop computer.
Replacing an existing notebook computer with a standard notebook computer does not require the Dean's approval.
(3) The purchase of a projector or flat panel TV.

(4) The purchase of a PDA (such as an iPOD or Palm). The purchase of a cell phone does not require the Dean's approval.

(5) The purchase of a non-standard computer or printer.
Note: Baylor has standard Mac bundles available.
(6) The purchase or installation of non-networked printers.

(7) Contact Technology Procurement for ALL software purchases. See Software page for more information.

A&S faculty/staff may use this form to submit a request for dean's approval of a purchasing policy exception. Please see Technology Procurement Policies for additional information.

When the department receives approval for an equipment policy exception, please keep this documentation (email message with approval from the Dean) with the p-card statement for the purchase.