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Medical News Net: Exposure to common fire retardant may cause developmental malformations, behavioral changes and death (In the news) 5/27/2011
Science Daily: Common Fire Retardant Harmful to Aquatic Life (In the news) 5/27/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: Egypt unwrapped: Mayborn exhibit reveals ancient life (In the news) 5/27/2011 Like That Wetland Near You? New Study Predicts Risk Of Wetland Habitat Loss In Southern United States (In the news) 5/27/2011
e! Science News: Baylor study finds common fire retardant harmful to aquatic life (In the news) 5/26/2011
Huffington Post: Short-Term Mission Trips: Are They Worth It? (In the news) 5/26/2011 New study predicts risk of wetland habitat loss in southern United States (In the news) 5/26/2011
Times of India: Female rappers stress their sexual prowess (In the news) 5/26/2011 "The Leonard Lopate Show": Please Explain: Apocalypse Predictions (In the news) 5/26/2011 Study finds common fire retardant harmful to aquatic life (In the news) 5/25/2011 Wetlands Disappearing to Urban Growth (In the news) 5/25/2011
The Baptist Standard: Panel finds defining 'Baptist university' no simple task (In the news) 5/25/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: Waco violent crime decreases, mirroring Texas and national trends (In the news) 5/25/2011
Austin American-Statesman: Prediction: The End of the World, coming Saturday? (In the news) 5/24/2011
Baptist Standard: Missions volunteer brings message of God's love to children (In the news) 5/24/2011
Christian Science Monitor: Secret to happiness: big government? (In the news) 5/24/2011 New study predicts risk of wetland habitat loss in southern United States (In the news) 5/24/2011
Orlando Sentinel: The World Will End Saturday -- or Not (In the news) 5/24/2011
R&D Magazine: Chemists invent polarimeter with no moving parts (In the news) 5/24/2011
ScienceDaily: Risk of Wetland Habitat Loss in Southern United States Predicted (In the news) 5/24/2011
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: End of the world May 21st? Some say Camping has his math wrong (In the news) 5/24/2011
Tampa Tribune: Is Judgment Day on Saturday? Some believe, others scoff (In the news) 5/24/2011
The Denver Post: "Judgment Day May 21" debate is nearly over (In the news) 5/24/2011
The Insana Quotient: May 11, 2011 Recap (In the news) 5/24/2011
The Monitor: Texas Poet Laureate has kind words for craft (In the news) 5/24/2011
Time Magazine: Apocalypse Weekend: Harold Camping Says the World Ends Saturday. He's Said that Before (In the news) 5/24/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor artist-in-residence Umlauf honored with TCA award (In the news) 5/24/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor students and faculty taking short-term missions trips, studying their impact (In the news) 5/24/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco church celebrates 145 years and a new pastor (In the news) 5/24/2011
Washington Post Conversations / Live Q&A: Doomsday approaches: Why we choose to believe, or not believe, theories on the Apocalypse (In the news) 5/24/2011
Yahoo! News: Does Big Government Make People Happy? (In the news) 5/24/2011
Austin American-Statesman: Week in Religion Roundup (In the news) 5/17/2011
China National News: Don't bet on May 21 as the end of the world, says Baylor Prof (In the news) 5/17/2011
LiveScience: Does Big Government Make People Happy? (In the news) 5/17/2011
AOL Lifestyle: 10 ways to beat the menopause (In the news) 5/16/2011
Charisma News: Did Muslim Doctrine Bury Bin Laden at Sea? (In the news) 5/16/2011
Discovery News: Lake Slime Loaded With Pollutants (In the news) 5/16/2011
Finland News: Free market not path to life satisfaction? - (In the news) 5/16/2011
KRLD-AM: Brad Thayer interview on death of Osama bin Laden (In the news) 5/16/2011 Chemistry researchers receive patent for new scientific measurement instrument (In the news) 5/16/2011
Politico: Joke is no longer on Obama (In the news) 5/16/2011
PsychCentral: More Government = Greater Life Satisfaction? (In the news) 5/16/2011
ScienceDaily: Life Satisfaction and State Intervention Go Hand in Hand (In the news) 5/16/2011
The Dallas Morning News: Waco seeks national monument recognition for Mammoth Site (In the news) 5/16/2011
The Record (Ontario): World to end May 21 at 6 p.m. (In the news) 5/16/2011
The Wall Street Journal: In the Pew Instead of Prison (In the news) 5/16/2011
UPI: Free market not path to life satisfaction? (In the news) 5/16/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: David A. Smith: Public arts can do more than beautify a city (In the news) 5/16/2011
Washington Post: This time, it's for real, believers say: Doomsday coming this month. (In the news) 5/16/2011
American Psychological Association: Bosses look more favorably upon humble, honest employees (In the news) 5/6/2011
The Fort Bend Sun: Fort Bend ISD names 2011-2012 district teachers of the year 5/6/2011
Augusta (GA) Chronicle: The King James Bible - 400 Years (In the news) 5/5/2011
Baptist Standard: Researchers weigh value of short-term missions (In the news) 5/5/2011
Baylor Theatre's sold-out 'Odyssey' imaginative, though long, theatrical journey (In the news) 5/5/2011
Corpus Christi Caller-Times: Coastal Bend candidate shortage leads to default victories (In the news) 5/5/2011
Evanston Patch: Osama bin Laden's Photo (In the news) 5/5/2011
Houston Chronicle: Klein Forest High grad receives Fulbright grant (In the news) 5/5/2011
Houston Chronicle: LDS opening new meetinghouse for growing congregation (In the news) 5/5/2011
National Science Foundation: New Baylor Research Shows Using Leaves' Characteristics Improves Accuracy Measuring Past Climates (In the news) 5/5/2011
Norman Transcript: OU dean to serve as provost of Health Sciences Center (In the news) 5/5/2011
Patheos: "If It's Not King James, It's Not the Bible" (In the news) 5/5/2011
Tampa Bay Tribune: Celebrations erupt locally upon news of bin Laden's death (In the news) 5/5/2011
Texas Water Resources Institute: Texas scientists publish needed golden algae research (In the news) 5/5/2011
WFIE-TV (Evansville, IN): Kentucky Wesleyan College welcomes a new president (In the news) 5/5/2011
Word & Way: Researchers study return-on-investment for short-term missions (In the news) 5/5/2011