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Resources for Faculty New to Campus

Network Status (DOWN)
Call (254) 710-3696 (DOWN) for information about network outages or problems.

Securing Facilities for Holiday Closure


Please visit Dean Pattie Orr's Welcome Page to access a wealth of useful information for new faculty from the Electronic Libraries.

Computers: Information on purchasing new computers and equipment, computer security, software and printers. Also: how to check out laptops and projectors.

Current Computer and Printer Standards and Exceptions
The University assigns full-time faculty and staff with one robust office computer (replaced every four years) and access to a shared, department printer.

Email: Baylor uses Microsoft Exchange Server which is available for PC and Mac computers through Microsoft Outlook, and also via Outlook Web Access (OWA), which allows email to be checked via the web from any computer anywhere. Users email address is their Baylor ID (example: See BEAR ID for more information and to find out how to activate your identification. ITS' Email Documentation contains useful information, tutorials and tips for many issues and questions pertaining to PC or Mac email programs.

Networking: Links to information on wireless networking, virtual private networking, troubleshooting, and guest access to the network.

Classrooms: Assistance with presentation classrooms, classroom response systems, Blackboard and web-based applications.

Webpage Publishing: Guidelines for publishing personal webpages.

Bear IDs are unique electronic identifiers for all faculty, staff and students, which require activation. The Change Bear ID password page allows users to change passwords. However, if the password has been forgotten, options are provided on the Bear ID Password Change page. The Lookup BaylorID Number page will post the Baylor ID number after logging in with Bear ID and password.

Helpdesk may be contacted to report a problem with classroom or office equipment. REQUIRES BEAR ID

Other Online Help Resources from ITS.