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Computers - Office

Network Status (DOWN)
Call (254) 710-3696 (DOWN) for information about network outages or problems.

Network Status (DOWN)>>

Purchasing Computers - Technology Action Guide
The Technology Action Guide provides detailed information for departments wanting to replace their technology equipment (computers and printers).

Connecting to the Baylor Network
This page provides links to information on Baylor's network and network status updates.

Computer Backup - Tivoli
Baylor University utilizes Tivoli to backup faculty and staff computer workstations. Automatic backup of client computers are performed Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tivoli provides for backups on demand as well.

Links to information on desktop coaching, password change, and support are found on this page.

A full list of email options for Windows and Macintosh computers are available on the ITS website.

Supported Software
ITS provides a table of supported software, the level of support, and the link to download the software, or how to obtain a copy.

This page provides information and assistance to Mac users.

A list of links for ITS and ASTC information on security for PC's, Mac's and servers; as well as training information.